Sunday, June 29, 2008

happy birthday

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bond Camp '08

Noah got home from camp Fridiay night and Hannah and Taylor left for camp Sunday. This is all after Lyle being there the week before Noah. June is Bond-filled every year!!!
This is Hannah's 5th year going (last year for Jr High Camp!) and she took her bestest friend Taylor with her this year. They were so excited about going. I mean, they were counting down days, hours, minutes...everything!
Here's Taylor, Hannah and Katlynn. Hannah met Katlynn 3 years ago at camp and they've been wonderful friends ever since. She lives in Granite City. Hannah's been down there for a night, Katlynn has spent the weekend with us, and they've burned up many hours on the computer!!

Here's cheesy Taylor and Dont-Take-My-Picture-Hannah

Taylor--isn't she cute?!?!


Getting the bunks ready. Taylor put a sheet up to make her bunk like a tent!!

Taylor's mom, Allison, bought the girls matching blankets and pillows. Looks great!!

The girls dorm
The Canteen
Boys Dorm
Part of the lake. I didn't get an oppurtunity to get a good shot

On the way to camp--high on excitement....and sugar!!

Noah got home from camp Friday night and surprised us with this--he got Camper of the Week!!!! I was soooooo excited for him!!! He got this plaque, a cross necklace and a t-shirt.

The "sisters" here!! We went shopping a few weeks ago and they both HAD to have these dresses!!
On a sad note, Taylor will be moving to Florida next month. Pretty much all of you know about Taylor's dad having a stroke last month, then their home being lost to a fire, just 4 days later. Allison has found a job in Florida so they'll be moving the family there. Please pray with me for their family, for the decisions they make and that Taylor will continue to seek Christ as she has here and be a light to those around her. We will miss that family sooo much!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Women of Faith 2008

Women of Faith 2
I am dead tired, have spent over an hour doing pictures and putting them on the church blog. If you are interested in seeing our pics from Women of Faith this past weekend, check out the church blog. I'll get them on here soon. It's almost 1 am and I need to get to bed!! :-)

We had an awesome time! I am still tired from it all, then getting Noah off to camp (after getting Lyle home from camp!) Now we get through the week and send Hannah to camp! What a busy June.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunday School Luncheon at Joseph and Ini's

We had a luncheon at Joseph and Ini's home on Sunday after church for our Sunday School class. I am too lazy to put all the pics on here, after I just put them on the church blog. So go to
to see pictures from the day. And take a look at the whole blog if you haven't before. It's still a work in progress. Watch the video at the very bottom. It's truly awesome!!!

Trip to Terre Haute

Tuesday morning, we left for a 2 day trip to Terre Haute, Indiana. Just the three of us. Thought I could do it. Well....we probably should have stayed home! I mean, we had a good time! Really. However, my car is still in Indiana--due to be towed today!! Down a little further, you'll see the car and the scene of the "crime".
Anyway, here's our trip. We first stopped in Dobbs Park at the Native American Museum and the Nature Center. Terre Haute has some beautiful parks!!! I wish it hadn't been raining off an on. We could have done so much more.

Sibling love!!! Can't you just FEEL it??!?!?!
Noah was nose to nose with this stuffed bobcat (he was behind glass!) I love this picture

This was freaking cool. I got to see a Copperhead snake eat a mouse!!!!
Noah started chasing ducks and geese into the pond. It was hilarious!!!!
Hannah and mom at Taco Bell
See the back tire, where it's supposed to straight up and down but it's a little crooked?? I realize in these pictures, it doesn't look bad at all. Believe me, it's much worse looking at the actual car. It's especially worse, thinking my son was right there.

This is the intersection where it happened. I took these pictures the next day (from the rental car) The stop light on the left (center) was not working at the time of the accident. They must have fixed it afterwards. Hmmmmm.....
The curb on the left is where I ended up, after being hit and spun around. Almost hit a light pole!

After an ambulance ride to the hospital, we had a much needed swim in the pool and soak in the whirlpool. I seriously think this helped us all a lot.
Hannah doing a handstand
Noah found the exercise room!Ugh, look how terrible I look! I'd cried all my make up off, had my hair swept around by wind, stress through my entire body....I needed the whirlpool!!!!

Thank goodness, we took the laptop. Little did we know how much we'd need it later on (looking into rentals, different route home, etc.) Plus, Noah is addicted. Um...and I am too!! Myspace, man!
Hannah in bed--wanting us to shut up so she could go to sleep!
Noah the next morning. He wanted to sleep but Hannah wanted to go swimming again!
Just two blocks from our hotel was the Clabber Girl Museum. This place was so awesome! The kids really enjoyed it. Oh, and it had the cool spinny door in the front!!! The kids LOVE that!
I had one of Noah in the boy spot, Hannah in the girl spot...but I thought this was cuter!! :)

Noah and me being silly at Wendys
Oh my gosh, she CAN be happy!!!!
My Monkeys!!!!

We went to the C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Museum, a Holocaust Museum. The lady that runs this, Eva Kor Mozes, came to Pana a few months ago and Hannah bought her book and had her sign it. We got to see Eva too!
Children of

Trip to the City Museum in St Louis with the Jr High Band

I'm on vacation this week!!!! Monday was Hannah's trip to the City Museum in St Louis with the Jr High Band so since I was off, I decided to chaperone. Hannah wanted me there, but she didn't want me to do ANYTHING. I wasn't supposed to talk to anyone, make any faces, get it. I embarrassed her ALLLLL day long! But hey, her friends think I'm totally cool! Or whatever it is these kids say now. Anyway, we had a fun day!

Here's Allison, Ashley and Hannah in a little car at the museum

The girls were getting this thing to turn. It was fo funny to watch!

Hannah and mommy!

Got to see a turtle lay eggs. That was really awesome.

This is Hannah being mad at me...
There was a huge room of skateboard ramps and such for the kids to slide on. It was really neat.
Hannah and Allison "waltzing" in the ballroom!
This is Roger and Allison. We spent our entire day together. Super nice people!!
I told the girls to pick out the ugliest dresses so I could take a picture!! They did well!

Look in that tube, close to the tree---see that person climbing inside that thing?!?!? Crazy!
This is Mr Dean, the band director
And here are some pictures I stole from Nick--his football days being relived. He loves it.