Monday, August 25, 2008

Did y'all think I forgot how to blog?!?!?!

No, I haven't forgotten. But life has been so busy!!!! Here's some pictures from here and there. And I'm still not done. Will try to finish up later on. I have a date with a masseuse today!! :)
The kids and I went to the State Fair again this summer. The great Old West picture of the kids was at the top. I love that! Hannah was embarrassed to wear that get-up, but I thought she looked good. Noah just loved holding a gun!!

Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Had to get a shot of this--the kids SHARING!!!!!
Below, Noah was freaking out because the cheese on the fries was spicy!!

We had corn dogs for lunch....and dinner!!! The kids had cheesy dogs for dinner though.
Noah bought this gun with his money from Grandma Pat. He loved it. Now, click on the picture so you can see Hannah's expression up close. It's hilarious!!!!!
Here's my lemon head!!! We had so many shake-ups that day. Lemon, Peach, Strawberry...Yummy!!!!

The pirate diving show

It's funny how this cat can go from Regal looking to.....SOOOOO FAT!!!!


Swimming party for THCC at Shelbyville Aquatic Center
I'll have more pictures on soon.
Noah and his friend, Aaron

Hannah going off the slide into the water
Ashley and Elly

The fender bender after the swim party!!! A car ran into the car behind us at the park. IN MY MOM AND DAD'S VEHICLE!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!

Grandma Barb's birthday party

Melvin Greer, RPh--Happy 70th Birthday and Happy Retirement!!

Noah's portrait of Jinx

Hannah and her friend, Allison Jones
Noah went to camp again--for soccer this time

Noah taking self-portraits
Lunch at Tres Compadres with church family

Lyle and Mark working on the railing
Not done yet, but getting there!!!
Hannah's slumber party at the church
Ashley, Lucy, Sydney, Hannah, Kelsey, Taylor and Mollie
Awesome LOTR cake Jessi Cook made for Hannah--the Ring!!!

I'll try to do better. Sorry I was so blog-neglectful!!!! Check back soon for more!!