Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blue and Gold Banquet

Tonight was the Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts. Noah is almost a Webelo. Just a few more activities and we'll be there. He got his Bobcat badge and a few other activity pins. He is really enjoying being in scouts.

His Den Leader is Allison Mammen, Brock and Taylor's mom

After the badge presentations, the Birds of Prey from Decatur put on a demonstration. Here are a some birds they brought. The owl peed on the floor!

Here's pictures from the Eclipse the other night--didn't turn out too well!

Friday, February 15, 2008

What a night!

The evening started with me getting home around 6:30 when Hannah was starting to get ready to go to her Valentine dance at school. She was wearing this cute black shirt that looks great on her. She's putting on her white tennis shoes. I told her she needed to wear my black shoes. She won't do it, says who cares what I look like? Lyle completely agrees with her, says who cares what she looks like! When I look at him, I see that he is actually having a difficult time with this whole dance thing, Jr High, boys, I go for it. I asked if she'd like me to curl her hair, would she like me to put some make-up on her, better put on some perfume! Oh, Lyle's about to jump out of his chair and throttle me! Toooooo funny! Well, she wore the white tennis shoes, she didn't wear any make-up or perfume. She says she didn't dance with any boys (who knows) but she had a great time. She actually danced this time. The last two dances she went to she just ran around with her friends. Baby steps! I'm not going to push her!! Anyway, after we got home, I made a comment in front of Lyle about all the boys she danced with. Of course, she was about to kill me and I think Lyle almost threw up. Oh, you should have seen it!
Here's Hannah and her daddy, just over 10 years ago! Aren't they so sweet!?!?! In case you didn't figure it out, those are Pull-Ups on their heads!!!!

Later on, Lyle went to bed because he had a terrible headache. Hannah and I wanted to watch a movie and nothing was on. We have like a hundred stations but NOTHING was on! I put in Sleepless in Seattle. She's never seen it, it's been awhile since I saw it. It's PG so I figure it should be okay. Somewhere along the way I fell asleep. I woke up to Hannah turning off the movie because they were saying stuff she knew I wouldn't want her to hear! What a kid! I was so proud of her! I'm still not sure what they were saying she thought was inappropriate, but I just had to come in here and post what a great kid I have! I love her to death!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Today is the day...February 14th...Valentines Day! The day for love. The day to wear red. The day to spend way too much money! You would not believe the number of guys that have come into Family Drug this week to buy Fannie May chocolates for their sweeties! Completely insane! And you know Fannie May--not cheap. Then you have to go buy a $5 card, one that sings and everything! Curazy!
Anyway...I was talking to Lyle on my way home because he'd be gone when I got home. He was saying how busy he was today and he had no time to get me anything. Fine by me! Then I don't have to pay for anything!! Well, I walk in the door and find these...

The tulips are gorgeous in person! So pretty. Then there's the card. You can see the monkey in his heart shorts and it says Kissy Kissy. Open it up and it says Happy Valentines Day from your Love Monkey. Well, it didn't stop there. Lyle added his own stuff. Here are the ones I can put here (since my mother reads this) :
*You remind me of Pokemon...I just want to Piccachu!
*If you were a booger, I'd pick you first
*You make my software turn into hardware
*My love for you is like diarrhea...I just can't hold it in(how romantic!)
*Are you from Tennessee? Cause you're the only ten I see!
*I may not be Dairy Queen...but I'll treat you right
*All this could be yours for one low price
*My lips are registered weapons
Wow! What a man! I don't know what ones he thought of and what he found elsewhere. I'm just glad it was rated PG. My last card was rated X!!!!! :)
So, hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day. I am so blessed to have my Valentine!
(oh, guess what I got Lyle?? Fannie May!!)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What a great movie!

I watched Sixteen Candles last night for the 57th time. Okay, I may be exagerating a bit...maybe it was just the 56th time!! That is one of those I could watch over and over and over. Love it! Anyway, I just LOVE the last scene! Found it on YouTube but I have NO idea how to link it here, where you click on it to play. Somebody help me with that! So here's the actual link

I love the part when she walks out of the church, the cars part, and oh my gosh, there's Jake Ryan!!! In all his splendor. He waves, she's looking to see who's behind her..."me?" she says..."ya, you" he forward to them sitting on the table with her birthday cake between them (how on earth did they get on that table anyway?!?!?!), he tells her to make a wish, she says it already came romantic! And that Thompson Twins song "If You Were Here" is soooo 80's! Love it, love it! If only you could see the sappy smile on my face right now!!!! What is totally weird is that I was the age my daughter is now when I first saw this movie. Shame on you mother, for allowing me to see this!!! I'd never let Hannah see this!!!! hahahahahaaaa!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday "Baby" Brother!

Yesterday was my little brother's birthday. Nick is now 26 years old! I just can't believe it. In my mind, he will always be this little 10 year old twirp! (I guess he's now a 26 year old big twirp!) I was pretty horrible to Nick as he grew up, beating on him as much as I could. But I love that guy sooooooo much! He means the world to me. And I love his family like mad.
Anyway...we had his birthday party at mom and dad's--Superbowl Sunday! This was actually the first day Nick had off work since January 2nd! He's been working 7 days a week in Clinton. Glad to have him back home! I kinda miss him coming over every so often!

Elly is watching the candles...probably trying to figure out how she can get at the icing!

Disgusting pig! He hates to have his picture taken so he opened up!

Is this better?!?! :)

Nick's wife Ashely with Grandma Barb
Prime example why Elly is as gorgeous as she is! Look at her mama! She's beautiful!
I'm so excited--Ashley is going to Women of Faith again this year! And she wants to room with me! Looking forward to it again this year!
I just missed him having his eyes crossed!

My nephew Tyson. He's such a cutie! Look at that long hair!

Elly is in the Sylvester costume mom made for Nick eons ago!

She's just the cutest thing ever!

Grandpa Ed and Grandma Olive!

Grandma Barb and Grandpa Kim!

My sexy man! He missed his nap that day.

Dad and Hannah! I always seem to catch people with food in their mouths!

Lounging...waiting for The Game to start!