Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

Well, the old Jeep is gone. Lyle took it Saturday and traded it off for a new-to-him truck. I think driving a truck makes him feel more like a MAN!! :) Too cute! In the beginning, I was pretty upset. I repeatedly told him it was a bad idea, we needed to keep the Jeep, it's paid off next month, etc, etc....he did it anyway......but to be honest---I LOVE driving that truck! It's awesome! Call me silly, or MANLY!!!! hahahahahaaa!
Today was 70's/80's day at school for Hannah. She's wearing a bright orange shirt with a belt around the outside of it, has hear hair in a side ponytail and blue eyeshadow on. I told my mom it sounds like ME about 20 years ago!!!!
Lots of plans this weekend with Cub Scouts, church events, birthday parties, other parties...gonna be a busy one! Hope you all have a wonderful (and restful) weekend!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Oh my goodness. I was dead asleep and all of a sudden the house starts shaking. It was 4:39 according to my clock this morning when my house was shaking and I was freaking. Lyle called it an earthquake. I was scared because we pay extra on our Insurance since we live on top of a MINE!!!! All of a sudden, I'm seeing our house going down, into this pit with all of us in it! So for the next hour, I just lay there, not able to sleep! And I'm suddenly rethinking this whole sleeping in the nude thing. Do I really want to be pulled out of the rubble in nothing?!?!? In this body?!?! Heck no!

Ha! Ha! Have a wonderful day! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hannah's new 'do

Hannah stayed the night with her friend Lucy. They went to work with Lucy's mom, Marie, who works at The New You Salon. Hannah decided to get a haircut while she was there. See my much older looking daughter below! Looks much more mature in person. Ugh! Lyle and I freaked when she came in. She just looked so.....grown up!!!! :(

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lazy Blogger!

I admit, I've been lazy and neglectful to my blog! I have been spending a lot of my computer time on myspace. Bad Traci! Go lay down! :) Sorry to those of you who regularly look at my blog for updates on our life. I'm such a sloth!

First up: Last weekend, we went to the Children's Museum in Decatur with Nick, Ashley, Tyson and Elly. We had a great time, but quickly got tired! We did the museum, some shopping and Olive Garden. Much to Ashley's chagrin, Farm & Fleet was closed!! LOL!!! :)

Here's the silly boys (Lyle and Nick!) with Ronald McDonald

The bubble room

Elly LOVED the bubble room! Could hardly get her out of there!

Elly also liked the rollerball.

The kids enjoyed painting...

Tyson and Noah played in the water
Noah looks like a giant there!


Nick made Tyson's name in this thing. Was so neat!

I think the boys had as much fun as the kids!

Future pilots???

They loved this ambulance

Dr Kime. Paging Dr Kime!

Elly was thinking she was going to give Uncle Lyle a shot.
Ashley (and I!) were thinking "It's time to GO!!"

Dinner at Olive Garden. YUM!


Here's Grandma and Grandpa Vincent with Evan--Bob and Sara's little one.
Looking down the room...G&G Kime, my dad and mom, G&G V (can't see any of them), Hannah, Sara, Bob, Deb, Brad, Randy, Shelby

Hannah, Evan and Elly

What are you looking at??

The boys!


Hannah, Ashley, the kids and I went down to visit Nick at the hotel he was staying at when he was working in Woodriver. The kids got to swim. This particular picture was taken just seconds before Tyson went into the deep end and Nick had to jump in to save him. Nick was fully clothed, ready for work...ruined his cell phone!!! But Tyson was okay.

Hannah and her friend, Lucy Weddle

My birthday balloons from my friend, Carla. She's so sweet!