Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank goodness for Prozac!

Okay, I'm not ashamed to say that I started Prozac about three weeks ago. It's great stuff! My family is much happier now that I'm on it. Oh wait, it's me that's happier! Well, in turn they're all happier cuz you know how it is when Mamma ain't happy! :) Seriously, Lyle was practically begging me to start something and I'm glad I asked the Dr. Life is better now.
Anyway...I needed it this past weekend! After the Pinewood Derby, each of my kids brought home two friends. I said each. Uh... 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 FREAKING KIDS!!!! Okay, I really don't have the patience for things like that, but I did okay! They had such a blast! Getting showers coordinated and getting ready for church was interesting but we did it. And thank goodness for my mother that helped transport them all to church!

The boys played with the Nerf guns allll night! I had nerf darts all over my house!

Soon after Palmer got here, he lost a tooth!

Lucy did Hannah's "makeup". Yikes! Remind me not to let her do MY makeup!

Here's Brock and Noah drawing race cars

Lucy, Hannah and Taylor are watching TV

The girls eating breakfast Sunday morning
We all had a great time, even if we didn't get much sleep. I had a hard time in church Sunday, but I survived. After church, we went to McDonald's for lunch. That was interesting! I've never ordered for that many before! Never paid for that many either!! :)

2008 Pinewood Derby

I know--it's been forever since I last posted. Like Christmastime! I just haven't had much to post! Until now. Saturday night was the Pinewood Derby for Noah's Cub Scout troop. This is his first year in scouts and he really enjoys it. He's in the same Den with some of his best friends, Palmer and Brock. We didn't do too great this year. Placed last, but that's okay. Next year we know better how to build a winning car! He still had fun.
Here's Noah's Den, minus Brock. Not sure where he was!

Palmer and Noah showing off their cars

The track

Kind of dark, but Noah's yellow car is racing! I think they're all head to head. He ended up coming in 3rd or 4th out of 4.

Hannah and her friends, Lucy and Taylor
(Palmer and Brock's sisters!)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa Vincent's

As it goes with tradition, we spent Christmas Day at my Grandma and Grandpa Vincent's home. Pretty much the whole family was there--at least all of the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. It was wonderful! For years, there were no little ones and now there's a ton of them! And we keep having more babies! Well, all those younger cousins of mine do! My days are done and over with! (Yay!) We had one new addition this year--Evan Glenn Emery was almost 5 months at Christmas. He is Bob and Sara's little boy. And such a cutie!
And great news...I opened my Christmas card from Bill and Megan. It had a great picture of the three of them and was signed "Bill, Megan, Allie and TBA Reininger" AAAHHHHH! We'll have another new one next Christmas!!!!
My cousin Judy (Hill) Green was home for Christmas this year! When I was growing up, Judy was the beautiful, glamorous cousin that lived in California. Well, I'm all grown up now and Judy is still in California (after also living in Texas and Scotland!), she's still beautiful and glamorous! She and Hannah totally hit it off because they both share a love of rocks, minerals, etc, etc. Hannah is so excited because Judy said she'd send Hannah some stuff of hers. I think Hannah is expecting a package to arrive anytime!! :) ANYWAY....her awesome husband Tom dressed up as Santa and gave gifts to the kids this year. It was so great! Scared poor Elly half to death though! It was still fun to see Santa come visit!

Tyson and Grace with Santa Claus

Bye Bye Santa!
There's Grandma Olive, Judy is doing the taping

Lyle and the rest of the boys were being just that--boys! Lyle brought his "spud gun" and were launching potatoes all over the place!

Here's a potato Noah ran to find after being launched!

My nephew, Tyson

What a mess!

My cousin Billy

More of the crew--Judy, Penny, Ann, Nick, Shelby, Grandma
(and part of Ashley)

My Dad
Today (January 6) is his birthday--52!
Hey, it's also Aunt Deb's birthday--54!
Miss Hannah and my mom
(Yikes! Hannah took this one!)

Hannah took this one too! This is Mike, my cousin Michelle's husband

My hubby and my grandma

This is my mom's brother Brad and her sister Jan

Grandpa Ed with his sister, Ann (hi Shelby!)

My grandpa Kime watching TV

My grandma Barb...watching!

Precious Evan!

This is Michelle's daughter Grace with Grandma Deb
(Happy Birthday Deb!)

The Reiningers left a little early, so Allie got to open her gifts early.
She is the one that will be having a little brother or sister this year!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas morning at home

I had told the kids not to get up too early--let us all get a good sleep! Well, I was the first one up Christmas morning! I'm not used to Lyle being in bed any past 5:00 and that was the 4th morning in a row of him being in bed when the sun was up! No late sleeping for Trac!

This was the kids opening up their box of Harry Potter movies!!! They were so excited.

Noah got a skateboard! Um, I'll start taking donations to help with meeting my deductible in the Emergency Room! :)

Hannah loves squirells...Hannah loves toe socks...
I found a cute pair of squirley toe socks!

Lyle is chillin' with his cup of Ethiopian Yergechef coffee.
When we were in DC, he found this coffee at Union Station and loved it. I found it online and ordered three pounds for him for Christmas!

Jinx was freaking out at all the paper and boxes!

Noah LOVES Legos! Found this Lego Star Wars shirt for him. He loves it!

Hannah's Crystal Growing Kit. You know how she loves rocks and crystals

She was so excited about this big halite. This came from the Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, UT

Noah trying out the skateboard

Moon River

When Hannah was little, we would often take trips to Branson with Mark and Linda. Hannah loved Andy Williams! She knew every word to Moon River. Not something you'd imagine a 2 year old to know! Here is Hannah singing Moon River in the shower (unbeknownst to her!) Click the Play arrow and TURN UP YOUR VOLUME! It's adorable. (this is just me playing the video on the TV and taping it with my camera. Not very good picture, but you can't see anything anyway...)